Hip Replacement Surgeons

Dr. Stephan Tohtz – Orthopedic SurgeonHip Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Tohtz is a specialist in Conservative Orthopedics, Corrective surgery for skeletal disorders and deformities (hip dysplasia, axial malpositions of the lower extremities), Joint Replacement of the hip and knee joint, Revision Surgery after joint replacement and surgical treatment of diseases of the spine (Micro-surgery, Disc Replacement and Spinal Fusion Surgery).

Dr. Jan Spiller – Orthopedic Surgeondisc-replacement-surgeon-dr-jan-spiller

Dr. Spiller began training as a specialized orthopedic surgeon in 2004 under world renowned surgeons Dr. George Zechel and Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang.
He also has specialization in trauma surgery and additional training in chiropractic-therapy and in sports medicine.
Dr. Spiller is now Chief Surgeon at Special Clinic for Orthopedics specializing in Spinal Surgery, orthopedic surgery and joint replacement surgery.


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